Saturday, April 2, 2011

Lemon Rice

Lemon rice is a quick lunch box recipe, lunch and also I use to prepare it for dinner.My hubby love lemon rice with egg, pickle, papad and it goes on……. Today as we have a great match and I don’t want to miss a single moment in it. So today’s special lunch for my family is lemon rice with papads and potato fry. Rice is ready to serve anytime and , Expecting a good finish by Indian team. This delicious rice is always a quick dish. We need at least 1 cup of rice and 1 big lemon.  lemon rice is a universal favorite dish for all of us… this is my version and I learn it from my mother and here is the recipe ……..

Raw rice 1 cup
Lemon big 1no (extract juice)
Mustard seeds 1 tsp
Channa dhal (kadalai paruppu) 1 ½ tbsp
Red chilli 5 no
Roasted peanuts 2 tbsp
Curry leaves few
Turmeric powder 2tsp
Fenugreek powder 1 ½ tsp (dry roast fenugreek in a pan and powder in a mixer)
Gingerly Oil for seasoning
Salt to taste

Cook rice and cool it. Heat the oil in a pan and add the mustard seeds, channa dhal ,red chilly and curry leaf. Fry till the splutter stop and add peanuts, Fry for some time. Add the turmeric powder and turn off the fire. Add the lemon juice and mix well. 

Grease the hands with gingerly oil and Then add the rice, mix well with hands, add the fenugreek powder at last and salt to taste. Mix thoroughly.Serve with a appalam ,Papadums  or even pickle is a good choice :D ...

Friday, April 1, 2011

Tomato Masala Sandwich/ Tomato Thokku Sandwich

Tomato masala sandwich is my mother’s recipe. Whenever I ask for toast she used to prepare it for me when I was in school and even my school friends like it. Now my turn for preparing lunch box. Twice I have packed this sandwich and she loves it. She even eat that thokku just like that. We can even mix the thokku with rice also……. So here is my favorite recipe of my school days….. 


Bread slices 4 no


Tomato 2no (chopped finely)

Onion 1no (chopped finely)

Green chilli 1no

Red chilli powder 1tsp

Curry powder 1tsp

Turmeric powder 1 tsp

Garam masala ½ tsp

Salt to taste

Coriander leaves few

Jeera ½ tsp


For stuffing

Take a pan, add oil for seasoning. Add jeera fry for few min and now add onion, garam masala and fry till golden brown. Now add tomato saute for some time till it get mashed, add all the spices with salt. Allow the mixture to cook till the oil leaves the whole gravy, add coriander leaves, mix well. It will be like a pickle.

Now take one slice of bread , spread the masala on one side. Then place another slice on top and toast or grill it serve hot….kids will love it…..

Im sending this recipe to Srivalli's kids delight  guest hosted by Priya Mahadevan

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spinach Soup / Green Soup

I am a big fan of Palak /Spinach/ Pasalai keerai in tamil. I love its taste in anyform, like kootu, poriyal and many more. I learnt this soup, when I was in my my home science class....little memories also,…..spinach is a good source of vitamins and minerals.I know many people r not fan of palak or any sort of greens. Greens is a fiber which have lot of irons too...To gain iron we need to have little greens in our diet.... Here i have used a big bunch of leaves which gave me 4 cups of spinach. I served 2 full cups of soup....i have added lot of full cream milk and cream. If diet conscious add low fat milk and cream......  kids will surely love this recipe.........

Spinach  leaves 4 cup
Water 2  cup
Onion chopped 1 no
Full cream Milk 1 cup
Maida 2tbsp
Fresh  cream   1tbsp
Butter 2 tbsp
Garam masala ½ tsp
Salt and pepper for  seasoning .
Wash the spinach leaves and remove the thick stems. Cook the spinach in water for 10 min .Cool it and make a puree in a blender/mixer (we can make a perfect smooth puree )Keep aside. 
Heat the butter in a pan. Add the chopped onions and saute for for 3  min  or till the onions are transparent and add garam masala. Now, add the plain flour and fry on low heat.   Add milk and spinach puree. Then add salt and pepper. Simmer on low heat for 3  min.      
 Add the fresh cream just before serving.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Chilli Idli

Every day morning, we need some breakfast. It is very tough to satisfy our kids with the good and healthy breakfast. Today morning I was having a problem with my daughter. When I said it is idli she started saying “idli with sambar or chutney….oh my god u don’t know anything else to prepare”..... I was shocked. Then I taught of preparing something with the idlis which she should  like. I told her to wait and prepared this and  Gave her this Chili idli with a orange juice. There was silence , she showed her thumbs up and said good…some how i made her eat idlis with some vegetables ….then I taught of posting this recipe in this blog…… is a recipe for all…hope u all like it……

Idli 3no
Red chilli powder 1tsp
Curry powder ½ tsp
Coriander powder ¼ tsp
Garam masala ½ tsp
Ginger garlic paste ¼ tsp
Onion 1no small (finely chopped)
Capsicum  3tbsp (finely chopped)
Tomato paste 1 tbsp
Cooked Vegetables  ½ cup (potato, beetroot, beans, peas)
Salt to taste
ghee 1tsp
Oil for seasoning
Ani seeds (sombu) few for seasoning
Curry leaves few
Coriander leaves for garnishing

Cut idlis into small cubes. Heat a hard bottom pan, add oil, ani seeds, curry leaves. When the rich aroma comes add onion and capsicum sauté well then tomato paste. Add salt and spices.
Now add cooked vegetables. Fry well for 2min. then add the idlis. Mix and keep in sim. At last add ghee,mix well And serve hot , garnish with coriander leaves. Enjoy colourful idlis.... …….
im sending this recipe to Fast food not fat food event-Priya Mahadevan of Now serving 

Im sending this recipe to Srivalli's kids delight  guest hosted by Priya Mahadevan
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