Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Rawa Puttu

Sooji which is also known as rawa in South India. Called Indian semolina. It is very much popular and essential in India as it makes dishes that are easy, quick and convenient. Great for hot cereals, savory breakfasts/mini meals like upma to exotic Indian desserts like kesari bath/sooji halwa.Semolina is made by processing wheat into tiny, even, pale ivory grains. The texture is almost like coarse grains of sand. here rawa puttu recipe which gives us one more style of preparation in rawa.

Rawa puttu is a simple recipe. kids and elders will love it….im starting my new recipes with a sweet puttu item…here we go……


1 ½ cup Rawa

½ cup sugar

½ cup coconut (grated)

2tsp ghee

½ tsp salt


Roast rawa till golden brown.

After cooling rawa add salt to the rava. Sprinkle 1 cup water mix well
Steam it for 15minAfter steaming transfer the puttu in to a container,and add 1 cup of water and close the lid for 5 min.
so tht the rawa becomes soft.

Mix sugar, coconut and ghee. Serve it hot or cold.
Kids will love it…

1. Coconut can be added more if u like the taste.

2. Even sugar can be added more or less according to the taste.

3. I used idli cooker for steaming. We can use even normal cooker with out putting whistle for steaming.

4. roast the rawa in medium flame so tht it can be roasted evenly.

More items of preparations in rawa,

In southern India rawa is lightly cooked with spices and vegetables into a fluffy savory breakfast called upma it is also flavoured with mustard seeds, ginger and steamed veggies.

Biscuits known as naan khatai are made from medium-fine semolina, ghee, sugar and cardamom.

Some Indian breads use a proportion of semolina in the dough, when fried they seem to puff and stay puffed better than those made with flour. R

Rawa is used in India for hot cereals and added to batter to make a pancake like mix to make rawa dosa and even to make rawa idlis

Rawa is also used in cakes

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