Saturday, November 29, 2008


Today is my 4th Wedding anniversary, I just want to share the sweet which i made today with u gulab jamuns...And this is a treat for my RM friends and to all blogger friends........
1 ½   cup Milk Powder
½ cup all purpose flour  
½ tsp baking soda
½ tsp Badam Eseence
2 tbsp butter -melted
Milk just enough to make the dough
For sugar syrup
2 cups Sugar
a pinch Saffron
1tsp Cardomen powder
Oil for frying
Make the dough by mixing the milk powder, flour, baking soda and badam essence. Add enough milk to make a medium-hard dough.
Divide the dough into 18-20 portions. Make balls by gently rolling each portion between your palms into a smooth ball. If needed apply ghee or oil in palm and make the balls
Heat the oil. Put in the even sized balls. And fry till Golden brown.
The jamuns must be fried in medium flame so that it is cooked evenly.
For  making  the sugar syrup . Take a wide mouth pan. mix the 2 cups of sugar 4cups of water add the saffron and cardomen powder. Boil well for 5 min and keep in sim  for 5 min.Put  the gulab jamuns  into the hot syrup. Keep aside for 30 min and serve with powdered almonds on top.
Sending this recipe to EFM- Sweets

Recipe Marathon # 2 - 29thday -Masala Sundal

 Recipe marathon29th day special Masala sundal and masala vadai for all. 
Chennai Wasi all know about kaiyendhi bhavan sundal/ road side sundal / road kadai sundal, It is a favourite dish of my Hubby he used to go and have it in shops whenever we go to chennai, he loves it with mulagai fry ,egg bajji and Masala vadai.This sundal is prepared with pattani parrupu(yellow peas)...and it is a masala sundal (like a gravy).Mostly served in saucer plate. I made masala sundal and masala vadai yesterday evening for tea.
1 cup   Yellow peas (pattani parrupu)
2 nos   Onion chopped
1 no     Tomato (big) chopped
2 strands        Curry leaves (finely chopped)
3 strands        Coriander leaves for garnishing
2 tsp    Red chili powder
1 tsp    Pepper powder
1 tsp    Jeera powder
1 tsp    Aniseeds powder(sombu)
1 T       Coriander powder
3 T       Oil (for gravy)
Salt to taste
2 pinch            Garam masala powder (for gravy)
Pressures cook the peas and keep aside
Take a pan, pour oil, add the onion fry till golden brown, add tomatoes and curry leaves.
After tomatoes get smashed, put salt, red chilli powder, pepper, sombu (ani seed), jeera powders
Fry the mixture nicely. Add coriander powder.
Add peas and water. Mix well
Put it in slow flame till the mixture boil.
The mixture should not thicken so much. it should be little watery.
Serve it hot with chopped onion and coriander leaves.
Mostly this sundal is served with crushed egg bajji on the top of the mixture orGreen Chilli Bajji fry or crushed masala vadai. Here in Baku i dint get yellow peas so i have done it with green peas itself. Pressure cook the peas nicely so that it mix with the masala nicely and gives good taste.
Here Comes the Masala Vadai Recipe……..
1 Cup Bengal gram Dhal
¼ cup Green peas or yellow peas
¼ cup Onion chopped finely
6no    Green chilli
1 tsp  Ginger chopped
2 tbsp Chopped coriander and curry leaves
1tsp   Ani seed (sombu)
Salt to taste
Oil for frying Vadai
Soak dhal in water for 2 hours
Drain water completely and grind to coarse paste
Add salt and other ingredients
Make lemon size ball, flatten and deep fry in hot oil.
Serve it with sundal or with pickle or as it is yummy!!!…
Serve Masala sundal like this as shown...... 
Take 4 tbsp of sundal, crush the masala vadai put in the sundal and garnish with chopped onion and corriander. Serve hot .

Friday, November 28, 2008

Recipe Marathon #2 - 28thday- Coriander pulao

Recipe marathon 28th day ...Todays special is Corriander pulav.....
Yesterday i was thinking of doing different lunch recipe... so i prepared this corriander pulav, Cauliflower fry and curd rice.....and taught of posting this recipe today to all... It is simple and easy to make. love corriander taste very much. Adding potato enrich the taste of the pulav... kids will automatically love the aroma and taste of this pulav...have a look...

1 cup Basmathi rice

1inch cinnamon

2 or 3 cloves

2 cardomen

2no Onion (cut length wise finely)

2 no tomatoes (chopped)

1 no Potatoes

¼ cup peas (optional)

2 ½ tbsp Oil

salt as required


1 medium bunch Coriander leaves

½ inch piece Ginger

4 flakes Garlic

4 no Green chilli

1 tsp red chilli powder

½ tsp Cumin seeds

8 no small onion

1 ½ tbsp Coconut (grated)

1 tsp Garam masala


Wash and soak rice for 5 to 10 min. Cook peas (optional).Peel and dice potatoes.

Heat oil in a wide pan. Fry the masala given and add onion fry for 2 min. Now add the tomatoes fry till soft. Add potatoes and little salt. Fry for few min.

Mix ground masala gently and fry till the good smell comes. When the moisture is absorbed add the soaked rice and fry well for 1 min. Add 2 cups of water and salt allow it to boil. When it boils briskly add the peas and mix well. Close the lid and cook in sim. When the rice is half done. Dum it in 120 degree preheated oven for 5 min.

If preparing this pulav in Pressure cooker. After adding peas mix well and close the lid, pressure cook for 10 min in low flame.

Serve hot with Potato chips, raita or pickle.

Sending this recipe to Rice mela by Srivalli

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Recipe Marathon # 2 - 27th day -Badam Phirni

Recipe Marathonday a simple sweet treat for all.....Phirni is very famous dish in north in south india i had phirni in marriages...wanted to try it out with almonds.i dint blanch the badam here...

2 cup Milk
2 T Basmathi rice
3 T Sugar
1 pinch Salt
¼ cup Badam
2 tsp Cardomen powder
1 pinch Red food colour
Roasted almonds (hand full) (cut in small pieces)
Soak rice in water for few hours, then drain water , grind rice and badam pieces into a smooth paste.
In a non-stick saucepan pour milk. Over a moderatly low heat add grind paste of rice and badam , sugar and cardamom and stir constantly till milk turns thick.
Remove from heat. Put in serving bowl and chill.
Garnish the badam phirni with roasted almonds serve.
we can use silver or gold foil paper (varak) for garnishing the phirni.
Sending it to Rice mela by sri valli
Sending this to EFM-Sweets.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Recipe Marathon # 2 - 26th day -Onion and Chilli Bajji

Recipe Marathon 26th day……Here weather is very cold so did this bajji yesterday with spice chutney and served as evening snacks….here is the treat for u all…. have a bite.


¼ kg Green chilli (bajji mulagai)

¼ kg Onion

oil for deep frying

For Bajji Batter

2cup Bengal gram flour

¼ cup Rice flour

1 tbsp Maida

2tsp Corn flour

Salt and chilli powder as per taste

2pinch Cooking soda

1 pinch Red colour


Slit the chilli carefully and remove the seeds inside using sharp knife.

Peel out the onion and Slice onion in thin rounds circle carefully.

Mix the bajji batter little thicker.

Heat oil in a pan and when it smokes dip the onion slices one by one in the batter to coat both the sides and slip in oil carefully.when it turns golden brown turn over and cook the other side, drain excess oil.

In the same way,Dip the chillies carefully in the batter and deep fry it till golden brown.

Serve the bajji as evening snacks with spicy chutney like raw tomato chutney or vadakki aracha chutney. With tea.

Have a look of my Co- RM Runners:1) DK 2) Srivalli3) Ranji4)PJ5)Curry Leaf6)Medha7)Priya8)Bhawna9)Raaji10)Ruchii11)Anu12)Kamala13)Roopa 14)Divya Kudua15)Rekha16)Lakshmi17)Raaga 18)Lakshmi Venkatesh 19)Sripriya20)Viji21)Kamalika22)Pavani
Karuna 24)Roochi

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Recipe Marathon # 2 - 25th day -Kathirikkai Paruppu kootu/ Brinjal Kootu

Recipe Marathon Day 25.......My favourite recipe for all........Iam a brijal lover i used to try lot of recipe with brinjal. This recipe is my favourite one which my mom used to prepare with milagu rasam or with parrupu thuvayal... here some information about Brinjal.
The Brinjal, the popular vegetable of the masses, is native to India. The most common variety the glossy purple Brinjal is a familiar component of Indian curries.This inexpensive vegetable was known as Malayan purple melon in China. There it was a common food item since 600 BC.May be the shape of first varieties that English speakers came across prompted them to call it as eggplant. The botanical name of Brinjal is Solanum melongena.The other names are begun in Bengali, ringna in Gujarathi, baingan in Hindi, badane in Kannada,waangum in Kashmiri, vazhuthinanga in Malayalam, vange in Marathi, baigan in Orriya, kathiri in Tamil,venkaya in Telugu and the other names are Aubergine and Eggplant. With Brinjal we used to do only sambar and poriyal ..why not try out kootu..

250 g Brinjal (cut lengthwise)
150 g Shallots (sambar onions finely chopped)
½ cup Moong dhal (payatham paruppu)
2 tsp Rasam powder
Mustard seeds and urad dhal for sauting
Curry leaves ( little)
1 tsp Fenugreek seeds
½ tsp Asafoetida powder
¼ tsp Turmeric powder
Salt (as per taste)
3 T Oil
Cut brinjal lengthwise and chop the shallots.
Pressure cook brinjal, shallots and moong dhal with little turmeric. keep for 2 whistle.
Take a kadai with oil, saute mustard seeds, urad dhal, asafoedita and fenugreek seeds and curry leaves.
Add the pressure cooked brinjal to it.
Add rasam powder and salt.
Mix well and keep in sim for 2 minutes
Remove from fire and serve hot with rice.
Have a look of my Co- RM Runners:1) DK 2) Srivalli3) Ranji4)PJ5)Curry Leaf6)Medha7)Priya8)Bhawna9)Raaji10)Ruchii11)Anu12)Kamala13)Roopa 14)Divya Kudua15)Rekha16)Lakshmi17)Raaga 18)Lakshmi Venkatesh 19)Sripriya20)Viji21)Kamalika22)Pavani
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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Recipe Marathon#2-24thday-Onion Medhu Vadai

Recipe Marathon 24th day. Here All time favourite to all.. Please don’t mind the shapes :)

Medhu Vadai is a traditional snack in each and every Indian homes. This dish is prepared by grinding different kinds of Soaked pulses and cereals at home. Mostly vadai are deep fried items. Here is Onion medhu vadai for u all.


1 cup De husked Black gram (whole)

1 tsp Rock salt

2 tbsp Raw rice

1no Onion Big (finely chopped)

3tsp Minced green chilli

few curry leaves(chopped)

1tbsp Pepper

3tsp cut coriander

Oil for deep frying


Soak dhal and rice with enough water for 1 to 2 hours.

Drain water well and grind dhal in to smooth frothy paste with out adding water..

Add salt in the end of the grinding. Mix all the other ingredients and using with the wet hands shape little dough in to ball and then pat on top and put hole in the center.

Deep fry it in oil. Do not disturb till underneath turns to golden brown colour. Turn once to fry the other side brown and crisp.

Serve hot with pongal/ idli and sambar.

Have a look of my Co- RM Runners:
1) DK 2) Srivalli3) Ranji4)PJ5)Curry Leaf6)Medha7)Priya8)Bhawna9)Raaji10)Ruchii11)Anu12)Kamala13)Roopa 14)Divya Kudua15)Rekha16)Lakshmi17)Raaga 18)Lakshmi Venkatesh 19)Sripriya20)Viji21)Kamalika22)Pavani
Karuna 24)Roochi
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