Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Parotta is a favorite dish for me and my family. I learned this dish from my mom in law. She taught me the oil version. Oil version means while making the dough , spreading and fermenting even while frying oil is used more. This dish is tastier and also  fluffy and side dish for this is raita / kurma.
My husband love this tiffen dish. I actually serve it with Chicken kurma/ vegetable kurma/ chicken thokku.
I have given egg optional cos vegetarian will not add egg. Now while adding egg to this maida flour it becomes more softer and pliable. I learned it from my friend.
But I used to prepare both the version. Mostly my husband prefer the egg version, so I prepare it with egg,
4cup Maida flour
¼ tsp Baking powder
1 tsp Sugar
2 pinch Cooking soda
1 ½ tsp Salt
½ cup oil
1 no Egg (optional)
Enough cold water
Sieve Maida, baking powder, cooking soda and salt twice.
Mix oil and flour (we can add the egg this time), Blend well with hands, Add enough water to make a smooth dough.
Pat and knead well for several minutes till the dough becomes pliable.without breaking in middle.
Pour little oil on top and cover it. Keep aside for 5 to 6 hours.
Apply oil on the working surface and knead the dough again.
 Now divide the dough in to equal small orange size balls.
Place the ball in the oil surface, rool out the ball in to very thin chappathi, Apply 1 tsp oil in the chappathi top surface and spread it evenly.
Fold it like saree pleats and then roll it from one corner to the center so that a ball is formed again. Make all the balls like this.
Pat each balls in to thick paratha.
Heat the tawa, Fry one side of the parotta  and then the other side. Now apply 1tsp oil and fry well on both side in medium flame.
Loosen the layer after removing from the fire by patting on sides with hands or soft towel.
Serve hot with kurma or raita.


sowmya said...

I had once seen this on a recipe show on Tv..never made that time..Now am going to try this one..yours looks yummy..

Divya.M said...

Thank u sowmya...

Priya said...

Woww..Divya parottas looks all time favourite, ur version with oil looks simply fabulous...

SMN said...

I love this paratha and i never knew u add egg to it. looks nice

Happy cook said...

I love parota. I made them once and loved it, but thought it was a bit too much work and i see you make them so easyily.
Wish i was living near to you.

anudivya said...

Hey Divya... I make it the same way too... but mine is not as flaky, probably because I use the whole wheat atta flour instead of maida. I should try with maida sometime.

Sagari said...

lovely parotta divya

kamala said...

Just relaxing after a hectic last month Divya..going thru all the blogs now only..I too have a similar one ( eggless ) in mine..Rava ladoo is mouthwatering and the semiya briyani too!!!

VR said...

hey looke gonna try this surely....hpfully it turns out well...i will let u know aftr this weekend!

rekhas kitchen said...

wow looks so perfect never tried this will try now

Jay said...

Hi DIvya,
Parottas look yummy. How much parotta will 4 cups of maida yield?

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