Friday, December 5, 2008

Instant Idiyappam / Easy to prepare (version 1)

  Every day morning i used to think of doing this recipe. Due to some reason i will do some other preparation for breakfast. Idiyappam is very healthy and filling breakfast recipe. This preperation is very simple and easy. i learned this from my friend in baku. she told me it is easy to make. I taught idiyappam preparation is very hard cos my mom in law idiyappam preparation is quite different and my mothers preparation is also different, she used to make a dough and cook the dough and make idiyappam in sevai maker. My daughter is a fan of idiyappam. i tried this version which took me 25 min for preparing. here is the easy recipe for u all.
For making dough
3 cup rice flour
4 cup water
Salt to taste
Boil 4 cup of water with enough salt in a wide mouth vessal. When it is briskly boiling.
Add the Rice flour, switch off the flame and mix thoroughly.
Transfer the mixture to a vessel and mix and knead well with hands, till soft dough.
 When the dough is formed. Make lemon sized ball with the dough and put the dough in to idiyappam maker (wooden idiyappam ural - available in all shops in tamilnadu ). Press gently in the greased idli plates.
Use all the dough in the same manner for making idiyappam. 
Steam the Idiyappam in the idli cooker for 10 min. Then remove from idli cooker and place the plate upside down and Remove idiyappam for the  plate.
Serve Idiyappam hot with vegetable stew/ thengai paal (coconut milk)/ coconut with sugar. 
Sending this recipe to  FIC- White
Sending it to Rice mela By Sri valli


Ramya said...

Thats Super!

Priya said...

Kalakals divya...good n nice entry for both the event..

sowmya said...

i have trie only the instant one..have to buy that press..yours has come so good..

Kitchen Flavours said...

Thank you for the entry. I think now a days we are getting readymade ones also. Just we have to steam it and eat i think. I saw this in one grocery store and thought semiya. :-) Procedure looks lenghthy but i think worth making them.. Never tasted this before..

Uj said...

Looks delicious..I don't have an the maker here.. but use the potato masher.. though it comes out very thick.. Love idiappams

Happy cook said...

I love idiyapom and this looks yummy delicious.
I love them, but have never made them myself.

rekhas kitchen said...

looks yum yum my tomarow s breakfast he he perfect for the events

sunshinemom said...

You made it look so easy!! Thanks and Happy New Year:)

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing the receipe seems easy will surely try it :)

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