Saturday, November 29, 2008

Recipe Marathon # 2 - 29thday -Masala Sundal

 Recipe marathon29th day special Masala sundal and masala vadai for all. 
Chennai Wasi all know about kaiyendhi bhavan sundal/ road side sundal / road kadai sundal, It is a favourite dish of my Hubby he used to go and have it in shops whenever we go to chennai, he loves it with mulagai fry ,egg bajji and Masala vadai.This sundal is prepared with pattani parrupu(yellow peas)...and it is a masala sundal (like a gravy).Mostly served in saucer plate. I made masala sundal and masala vadai yesterday evening for tea.
1 cup   Yellow peas (pattani parrupu)
2 nos   Onion chopped
1 no     Tomato (big) chopped
2 strands        Curry leaves (finely chopped)
3 strands        Coriander leaves for garnishing
2 tsp    Red chili powder
1 tsp    Pepper powder
1 tsp    Jeera powder
1 tsp    Aniseeds powder(sombu)
1 T       Coriander powder
3 T       Oil (for gravy)
Salt to taste
2 pinch            Garam masala powder (for gravy)
Pressures cook the peas and keep aside
Take a pan, pour oil, add the onion fry till golden brown, add tomatoes and curry leaves.
After tomatoes get smashed, put salt, red chilli powder, pepper, sombu (ani seed), jeera powders
Fry the mixture nicely. Add coriander powder.
Add peas and water. Mix well
Put it in slow flame till the mixture boil.
The mixture should not thicken so much. it should be little watery.
Serve it hot with chopped onion and coriander leaves.
Mostly this sundal is served with crushed egg bajji on the top of the mixture orGreen Chilli Bajji fry or crushed masala vadai. Here in Baku i dint get yellow peas so i have done it with green peas itself. Pressure cook the peas nicely so that it mix with the masala nicely and gives good taste.
Here Comes the Masala Vadai Recipe……..
1 Cup Bengal gram Dhal
¼ cup Green peas or yellow peas
¼ cup Onion chopped finely
6no    Green chilli
1 tsp  Ginger chopped
2 tbsp Chopped coriander and curry leaves
1tsp   Ani seed (sombu)
Salt to taste
Oil for frying Vadai
Soak dhal in water for 2 hours
Drain water completely and grind to coarse paste
Add salt and other ingredients
Make lemon size ball, flatten and deep fry in hot oil.
Serve it with sundal or with pickle or as it is yummy!!!…
Serve Masala sundal like this as shown...... 
Take 4 tbsp of sundal, crush the masala vadai put in the sundal and garnish with chopped onion and corriander. Serve hot .


viji said...

divya vadai looks very crispy eduthu sapida temp aguthu... good work man!!!!!!!!!

Priya said...

Divya this is not fair..ippadiya pic yeduthu drooling o drooling..pasikuthu divya..oru plate send pannunga pls..omg this peas masala sundal makes me hunger..

Divya.M said...

thnx u priya and viji...will try to send

Uj said...

Masala vadai looks yummy...

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