Saturday, November 22, 2008

Recipe Marathon # 2 - 23rd day -Ven Pongal

Recipe Marathon # 2 – 23day. Ven Pongal famous Breakfast recipe. Perfect combination with Vadai and sambar/ chutney. Here is my style of recipe.
1 cup Raw rice
¼ cup Green gram dhal
2tbsp Ghee
1 ½ cup Black pepper (whole)
1tsp Cumin seeds
Salt as required
5cup Water
1 tbsp Cashew nuts
Finely cut ginger
Few curry leaves
Hand full coriander leaves
3tsp Pepper and cumin powder
Take a heavy bottom pan. Wash rice and dhal together and pour 5cups of water. Cook rice and dhal together in low flame till the rice becomes very soft. After rice and dhal is cooked add salt, curry leaves, ginger and coriander leaves. Fry cashew nuts, pepper and cumin seeds in ghee. Pour over the pongal. Mix well. Sprinkle the pepper and cumin powder over the rice , Mix well.
Serve hot with ghee on top. / with sambar or kotsu.
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Sending this recipe to Rice mela By Srivalli


Priya said...

My all time favourite, love with medhuvadai n sambar...seeing ur venpongal, i just remember venpongal from Saravana bhavan, mouthwatering...

Andhra Flavors said...

hey i love this ven pongal. its a great comfort meal.

Happy cook said...

Delicious. Drooling here

Curry Leaf said...

Very very droolworthy and mouthwatering.I prefer it hot with a dollop of ghee on top.

Medhaa said...

this looks really yummy

Varun Gupta said...

Nice post on Pongal. Looking for more on coming days regarding Pongal. Wish u a very Happy Pongal Festival. Want to exchange link with my post.

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