Friday, October 17, 2008

Spongy Paniyaram

Paniyaram it is a very famous dish of chettinad. i tried paniyaram with appam dough. kids will love it.

6 cup Appam dough
3 tsp Green chilli paste
2 tsp Ginger (crushed)
1 no Onion medium ( chopped finely)
3 tsp Curry leaves (chopped)
3 tsp Corriander leaves (finely chopped for garnishing)
1 T Soaked bengal gram dhal
Salt to taste
Mix all the above ingrediant with the appam dough and keep aside for 10 min.
(as i dont have paniyaram pan i used kadai for making paniyaram)
Fill oil upto 1/4th of the deep curved frying kadai. heat oil.
When oil is heat enough pour one full laddle of batter, fry one side and turn the paniyaram , fry again for 3 min in sim.
And drain oil , use tissue paper to drain excess oil.
serve with coconut chutney.
we can serve it as it is also with out any side dish.:)

1 comment:

SMN said...

Hey divya thank you for tagging me... and this recipe is new to me..though i hv tatsed appam..

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