Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Grape Squash

Grapes is fruit which we get in bunches and it is of two types white grapes and red grapes. Grape squash is an indian preperation of making juice in to a concentrate. Here i have used essence and preservatives also in my preparation. the preservative i have used here is sodium benzoate. This is a very common preservative used for dark squashes and crushes.

6 cup Grape juice(black grapes)
12 cup Sugar
6 cup Water
4 tsp Citric acid
2 tsp Grape essence (tonovin)
1¼ tsp Sodium benzoate (preservative)

Clean the grapes (black) and smash it with a ladle. Boil this until the grapes completely dissolves in the solution.cool it.

After that filter it and remove the skin and the seeds and extract some more juice by using juice extractor . Keep aside.
Heat the water and add sugar and citric acid to it. When the sugar completely dissolves, remove from the fire and sieve through a thin cloth. Allow it to cool.
Add the grape juice in the sugar solution. Stir it well. Add the essence in it. Dissolve sodium benzoate in some water and mix it with the squash.
Store the squash in a bottle.
To serve, take 1/4glass of squash and mix it with water. Add more sugar if needed.
Use 1kg black grapes to extract juice. Use the given amount of preservative do not add more.

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