Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Avial is my favourite dish. Prepared it for Diwali (yesterday for lunch) It is an occasional dish mostly we prepare in occasions..it is a common dish in Tamilnadu and Kerela. Coconut lovers will love it...

¾ cup Vegetables (raw banana ,beans, carrot, Malabar yam, pumpkin, chow chow,
drumsticks, peas, etc)
3tbsp Coconut oil
1 spring Curry leaves
½ cup Fresh thick curd
1tsp mustard seeds
Salt to taste
1½ cup Grated fresh coconut
1½ tsp Jeera seeds
15 no Green chilli
tbsp Raw rice (Soaked in water)
Cook all the vegetables with enough water in a heavy bottem vessal with salt.
Gently mix the ground paste with the vegetables and switch off the flame when it start to boil.
Add whipped curd and mix well.
Reduce flame completely.
Splutter mustard seeds and curry leaves in coconut oil
Pour it on Avial. Mix well…
Serve with rice or We can have it as side dish.


goooooood girl said...

Very fine......

Priya said...

Avial looks delicious Divya...

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