Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Thanjai Stuffed parotta

Thanjai stuffed parotta is mostly prepared in thanjore district, there are many ways to prepare tis kind of recipe. Stuffing i have used here is egg curry which is very simple to make. it tastes good and it is a heavy dish.

Ingredients for dough
3 cup Maida flour
½ tsp Sugar
Salt as required
Oil as needed for kneading,spreading, folding.
Ingredients for curry
2 no Egg
1 no Onion medium ( chopped)
2 no Green chilli
2½ T Any spicy gravy ( i used chicken gravy)
Salt to taste
For Egg Curry :
Heat oil in a kadai and add onion, green chili , salt
Fry till onion turns brown and add egg , scramble till egg is done.
Add the spicy gravy , fry till u get nice smell. switch off the flame and keep it ready.
For parotta :
mix maida and sugar,salt and add little oil.add water little by little and knead the dough well and keep the dough aside for 30 min, and make balls .
take a single portion of dough. apply oil in the dough and spread it very thin evenly.
Take 1 tbsp of egg curry and keep it in the center of the dough and fold it from the top and then the sides and then the bottom layer .
now the parotta is ready press gently in the center of the parotta.
Fry As usual like frying the parotta .
As this parotta is thick frying time will be little more. Fry in medium flame.
use little more oil for frying.

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