Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Cold Coffee Frapee

Cold coffee is always favourite for all people. i love cold coffee which is served in coffee day in chennai . i tried tis recipe on my own way and it was awesome.
2 cup Full cream milk
3 T Fresh cream
2 T Sugar (can increase or decrease depending on your taste).
2 T Chocolate icecream
3 tsp Coffee powder
4 nos Icecubes
2 tsp Grated chocolate chips
Whip the cream and sugar.
Add coffee powder and ice cubes to the mixture and whip it nicely.
Add milk and ice cream to the mixture and beat well again.
garnish with chocolate chips on top.
Serve it chill.
Easy to make and tasty to drink.

we can use chocolate powder or syrup instead of icecream.
im Sending this recipe to  Rendezvous With Kitchen Flavours 


Ramya said...

I just love tat cold coffee.... If u r interested in getting more exposure for ur blog den mail me at

hope u know me from sio..

Divya.M said...

thnx ramya....yes ofcourse need all ur support....

viji said...

Jillunu nalla irukku divya!!!!

Kitchen Flavours said...

Awesome and innovative recipe. will try this out soon.

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