Wednesday, February 23, 2011

chicken biryani (traditional way)

Chicken Biriyani is of many kinds and here for u all in ambur style...This recipe is taught by my mom in law......

1 kg Basmathi rice (cleaned and washed)

for Gravy
1 kg Chicken
400 g Onion medium ( chopped finely)
400 g Tomatoes (chopped)
4 T Ginger & garlic paste
6 nos Green chilli
1 bunch Corriander leaves (medium bunch)
1 bunch Pudina leaves (small to medium bunch)
3tbsp Red chilli powder
1½ cup Oil
Salt to taste
3 tbsp Lemon juice (increase or decrease according to taste)
1½ cup Curd
1 pinch Red colour powder
3 no Cinnamon (1 inch small)
4no Cardomen
4 noCloves
Ghee (for drizzling)
wash and soak the rice for about 30 minutes.

Heat oil in a hard bottem vessal and splutter spices. Add the onion and saute till brown. Add the red chilli powder and saute well, add the washed chicken then add ginger garlic paste, add the tomatoes, corriander and pudina leaves, green chilli, saute well.
Now add curd and salt. Mix well. Add 1 cup of water. close the lid and cook well till the chicken is cooked and oil leaves the gravy.
Cook rice with enough amount of water in separate vessel. (sada panai in tamil). Add enough amount of salt. for the rice separately.
Cook the rice till half done(half cooked)(as shown in the pic).Strain the water fully , keep the cooked rice aside. Collect the cooked rice water and keep aside. (this way of making rice is a traditional style of cooking)
As soon as the gravy is done and rice is cooked. Add the rice to the gravy and layer it.
Drizzle the ghee on the top of the rice. Sprinkle the red colour powder with little water.
Cut the rice in four half like cutting the cake and close the lid.
Dum the biriyani in low flame with the collected cooked rice water on the top of the lid. (as shown). for 10 - 15 min.

remove the lid and mix the rice little by little.
We can add potatoes also with chicken. In the same style of preparation we can prepare mutton and vegetable biryani also.

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